Drag Yourself To Hell

Sunday, May 24, 2009

You come to this site because you're a horror fan, right? Maybe there are a few people here for reasons of curiosity, but Horror Drive-In is obviously a horror website. Maybe we lean a bit more toward fiction than film, but I love both of them. And I believe that the majority of the visitors here are the same.

I bet you love the Evil Dead movies? I know that I do. Even though I was initially disappointed in Army of Darkness, I've come to enjoy it. How often have we wished, prayed, that Raimi would return to his horror roots? I have. I know the man has seen unprecedented success with his Spider Man franchise, but I got sick of those movies very quickly. Like right after the first one.

I've already heard so-called horror fans criticizing Drag Me To Hell. With all the righteous indignation of ignorance. "It looks like more of the same thing", is a common one.

I'll admit that Drag Me To Hell doesn't appear to be a blazingly original story. But as we all should know, trailers can be misleading as hell. The movie looks to be an old fashioned, EC-type horror yarn. And what, exactly, is wrong with that? Personally, I don't require all horror movies to be like Martyrs. Ones that shock me and profoundly change the way I look at the genre. We need movies like that. But sometimes I simply like a good, fun time at the movies.

Another big complaint is that Drag Me To Hell doesn't have a hard R rating. Again, so what? What's wrong with a movie that kids can get into? Remember when you were young and you went to a scary movie that had less than an R rating and you had the time of your life? Drag Me To Hell could be that movie for thousands and thousands of burgeoning fans. The horror viewers, readers, of tomorrow. Hopefully this movie will reach the ones that are too hip for Twilight, yet are looking for a good scare.

They say that if you don't vote, you have no right to bitch about the way things are in politics and society. The same thing applies here. If you call yourself a horror fan and don't see Drag Me To Hell, don't gripe to me about how Hollywood movies suck. If we don't get out and speak with our dollars, we deserve all the remakes that are shoved down our throats.

Maybe Drag Me To Hell will suck. No one can say for sure until they actually see it. And please don't be a lemming and believe the negative hype that will almost surely be flying. Do you have a mind of your own? Do you always agree with the masses? I most assuredly do not.

You call yourself a horror fan. Prove it. Get out on opening weekend and see Drag Me To Hell. A matinee won't cost you that much. This is Sam Raimi's return to horror, for God's sake! Let's do our parts and make this movie a success.


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