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GRIZZLYSHARK by Ryan Ottley (Story and Art)

Ryan will probably be forever known as a co-creater of Image comic's Invincible (now a successful show on Amazon Prime), but I seriously doubt he will ever do something more fun than Grizzlyshark. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's over-the-top with both gore and comedy. Absurd humor at its best!


FILTH by Irvine Welsh

I saw this one on a "most disturbing novels" list and my library had a copy, so I couldn't resist. The story isn't so bad: A misanthropic cop doing terrible things. I tired of the slow-moving plot and barely comprehensible dialogue. I know he wrote Trainspotting. Maybe that one is better.

The rest:

God is Wearing Black by Kelby Losack (collection). The high point of this collection is the fact that Kelby has a very distinct voice, which is the thing most writers don't have. Uneven quality on the stories though. Grade: C

Burn by Patrick Ness. YA dragon story. I'm surprised this isn't a bigger thing. Is everyone tired of dragons? Grade: B

999 edited by Al Sarrantonio (anthology). Revered horror anthology. Loved some stories, hated others. Grade: C

Ghosts of East Baltimore by David Simmons. Another writer with a great voice. One of the rare stories where I liked the first two acts more than the third. Grade: C

Greatest Hits by Harlan Ellison. I don't know what to think about Ellison (many don't). When he is good, he is possibly the best. But some stories I just don't care about at all. Grade: C

The Amityville Bukkake by Ed Lee/Judith Sonnet/RJ Benetti. Not quite as fun as the title may suggest. Grade: D

Dead Mall by Cesare/Stoll (graphic novel). Not bad, but I like the clown books more. Grade: C

Writhe by Summers/Wohl. Extreme horror. I got through it, but found myself unattached to the characters. Grade: D

Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Author of Warhorse. Excellent middle-grade novella. Grade: B

Hell on High by Michael Clark. Great idea. Maybe a tad too long? Grade: D

Cold Spots by Bunn/Torres (graphic novel). Good ghost story comic. Bunn has done better stuff though. Grade: C

City of Dreams by Don Winslow. I'm so sad there is only one more Danny Ryan book to read. Grade: B

Dark Ark by Bunn/Doe (graphic novel). High concept (gothic retelling of Noah's Ark), good art, but I lost interest in the story halfway. Grade: D

Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q Sutanto. A fun, wholesome young adult murder mystery. Grade: B

The Taken Ones by Jess Lourey. The Anthony Award nominee. Although not one of my favorites from her, she is always good. Grade: B

I Was a Teenage Slasher by Stephen Graham Jones. I'm expecting it to win some awards, because the concept is amazing. Something about his writing style doesn't vibe with me though. Grade: C

My Beloved Monster by Caleb Carr. Non-fiction about an amazing cat. Grade: B
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