Just yesterday a guy at work was saying how sad it is how so many young people do not live in the real world. They exist in an artificial world of screens and images. I agreed to a point, but said that it was no longer our world, and the new reality of the young generation is normal to them. He seemed doubtful, but he also doesn't believe Donald Trump ever did anything wrong.

This morning I watched We're All Going to the World's Fair, a recent movie about a young girl whose life revolves around videos in cyberspace. It's alien to me, but I like to watch movies that illuminate different lifestyles than mine.

Despite the differences, I could relate. Loneliness is loneliness and isolation is isolation, regardless of the time period. Casey is a bright girl, articulate and sensitive, but isn't exactly the cheerleader type. She isn't cut out for sports teams or academic clubs. She lives in a frigid, desolate small town. The kind that stifles creative minds. Casey retreats into the world of the internet.

Some scenes could almost be me. I ran to my room when my parents pulled into the driveway. I often heard my angry barking father yelling from behind my bedroom door. He couldn't understand why I didn't embrace the exact values that made him so unhappy.

Casey participates in a Candyman/Bloody Mary-type online challenge called the World's Fair. You recite "I want to go to the World's Fair" three times and offer a drop of blood to the screen. It's supposed to enter your dreams and alter your reality.

It's not that far-fetched. There's no way these ASMR videos are not affecting viewers' brains.

Casey appears to have some sort of sleep disorder and sometimes enters a strange fugue state. Or is it all part of her You Tube presentations, which make up the bulk of the movie's running time?

Lonely people are vulnerable people. In my case I was lured by drug and crime temptations. Casey seeks attention and acceptance, but there are wolves in the online forest that are always on the lookout for young prey.

I often say how much I dislike digital filmmaking and effects. I'm usually referring to movies that are trying to look like comic books or video games. We're All Going to the World's Fair is always fascinating to watch. The most arresting image, and one used in the poster, is of Casey wearing glow facepaint in her blacklit bedroom.

Casey is a sad character, even though she is stronger than she believes she is. She may not find happiness or contentment by the conclusion, but Casey does have survival instincts that help keep her safe. Newcomer Anna Cobb is excellent in the role.

We're All Going to the World's Fair is billed as a horror movie, and it is pretty creepy. The glimpses of You Tube personalities she watches are sometimes touching, sometimes pathetic, and sometimes disturbing. She is contacted by a predator posing as another player in the World's Fair game. These are the most terrifying elements of the movie.

This is a strong movie, and one that should be watched by older people. It's a look into a world that is as bizarre as any science fiction film we've seen. Its important we see it and try to understand the world we've created for our kids and the way they are living in it.

Written by Mark Sieber

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