Cavallaro's Cavalcade of Carnage

I've read quite a bit of Simon Clark's books, especially in the Dorchester/Leisure era. I still cite Blood Crazy as one of the best zombie novels ever written. Darkness Demands and Vampyrrhic are also high quality horror novels on my shelf.

With that being said, my interest in Clark took a downswing in the early 2000's when he released a few books that were (in my opinion) way inferior to his earlier stuff (The Tower, In This Skin, Death's Dominion).

Still, I'm an optimist at heart, so I couldn't pass up a chance at getting an ARC of his latest. I haven't read him in years, and maybe things have changed?

...things haven't changed. This is an odd little novella concerning Sherlock Holmes, nazi's, and war. It's more historical fiction than horror for sure; which isn't a bad thing. My problem is that I never got "hooked" into the story. I was never fully invested in the characters, or even the plot. The story manages to gather up a little bit of momentum towards the end, but even that ended up being unsatisfying and clunky.

Grade: D

Review by Jason Cavallaro