Sarah Pinborough is an English writer who seems adamant about not pigeonholing herself in a genre. She has written horror, young adult fantasy, mysteries, fantasy, and even fairy tales, all in equal measure. She was mostly known to American horror readers through multiple horror novels published through Leisure books in the 2000's. In 2015, she published The Death House (my favorite book of that year) of which Stephen King said he "couldn't put it down." The Death House was good enough to put Pinborough on everyone's "I-must-read-everything-by-this-author" list, and then...she drops Behind Her Eyes on us.

Behind Her Eyes is billed as a "suspenseful psychological thriller." No argument there I guess, but I always thought that label was a copout for un-savvy readers to say they aren't actually reading the dreaded HORROR genre. Anyhow, the plot involves a love triangle....and know what? I'm not giving away any of it. It's too good.

All of the hype surrounding the book deals with the twist ending. Is the ending great? Yes. Is it also one of the best endings I've ever read? Yes again. But what impressed me most about the book is how steadily she slow-builds the tension. As you progress through the story, you just know that something is wrong here.

I've read 38 books so far this year and this may be the best I've read so far (either this or Ketchum/McKee's The Secret Life of Souls).

Do you remember how it felt when Bloch pulled the rug out from under you as you read Psycho? Don't you want to feel that again?!

5 Stars

Review by Jason Cavallaro