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A group of robbers, always looking for the latest mark to rip off. Each one with their very own special talents that lends very well to the job. It's in their blood, it's what they do, and they do it well.

A man is overheard talking about some money he's about to come by. One of these robbers overhears, and sets out to make a plan. It seemed so perfect that nothing could go wrong.

A family at risk when the robbers come to their home, invade their space, and want what is not theirs. The husband, father, nervous as all get out can't open the safe, and that's when things go awry.

Years later the group of robbers chooses to partake in one last job, one final hurrah before they ride off into the sunset. They choose their mark very carefully, knowing that it will be a great payout on their end, and they can finally retire. What they don't expect is for their past to come back and haunt them, in the most horrific way possible. Can they escape from the clutches of certain death and see to breath another day? Or will they succumb to the violence that is hell-bent on destroying them? Only by reading can you find out the truth about The House That Death Built.

With his latest novel, Michaelbrent once again takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and thrills. While I feel like this one was a little more drawn out than others I have read from him in the past, leading to less go go go action and craziness at times, it was definitely a very good read. The characters were very believable, and while some parts seemed far-fetched, you definitely get drawn into the mayhem of what could possibly happen next. Overall I'd give this a B and would like to thank Michaelbrent for the opportunity to review this novel.

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Review by Kyle Lybeck