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In the subway tunnels of New York, there comes a train that nobody is ready for, except those it already knows it's taking with it. The lure of the train that only opens it's back cars doors is a little too much for some that need to be on their way. When six strangers join the back car at their stop, they have no idea what they're in for. What starts as a normal ride quickly turns into a bloodbath for those aboard, in which none are safe. Nobody can move to the next car, and the train is out of control, with nowhere to get off. As the first passenger dies a horrific death out of nowhere, the next car opens it's doors for them to pass through. How many have to die and how many doors will they get through while everything comes crashing down?

What has brought all of these passengers together is revealed throughout the novel, suffice to say they are the evil version of the Breakfast club. Who will die next is always the mystery, as is the horrific manner and it's reasoning. What creatures come out of the woodwork trying to force them into a corner, and what creatures do the passengers reveal themselves to be? Who will make it to the last car in hopes of escaping the murderous train cars of death?

This is the first novel of Micahaelbrent's that I've read, and after reading this novel, I'll be back for more in the future. Darkbound travels along at a screaming pace with action the whole way through, and twists to keep you guessing throughout. When I wasn't working, I read this until I was finished in just over a day. With an ending that I didn't see coming from a mile away, and easily one of the best I've had the enjoyment of reading in a long time, I'd recommend this to a wide variety of readers out there, and I hand this one a B+.