Many of us cite Lansdale as a favorite writer. Some call him their very favorite. I personally try to never miss a Lansdale publication, and this year there are a lot of things to get excited about.

Subterranean Press kicks things on February 15th off with Hyenas, a Hap and Leonard novella. Hap and Leonard made a welcome return after a long hiatus with 2009's excellent Vanilla Ride. Lansdale's rabid fans were thrilled, and we're just as happy to see them back in a shorter piece of fiction.

A month later, on March 15th, two more Lansdale titles will see publication.

Knopf will bring us Devil Red, a full-length Hap and Leonard adventure. I'm already drooling in anticipation of this one.

Also on March 15th comes Crucified Dreams, an anthology of noir fiction crossed with supernatural overtones with Joe as editor. This will be an affordable trade paperback from Tachyon Publications.

Jumping up to July 2011, there will be a hardcover publication of Joe's Classics Mutilated short story, Dread Island. This one is from IDW Publications.

A month after that we'll be able to buy The Urban Fantasy Anthology, which is edited by Joe and the legendary Peter S. Beagle. Once again, this book will be published by Tachyon Publications in a trade paperback edition.

I'm really excited about Joe's upcoming Young Adult book, All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky. I think he has a good hand at fiction for teens. The Boar is one of my favorites, and classics like The Bottoms and A Fine Dark Line almost read like YA fiction. This one is coming from Delacorte, in their line of titles for Young Readers.

And if all of that isn't enough, Cemetery Dance Publications is putting out The Horror Hall of Fame: The Stoker Winners, which is edited by Lansdale. This one will be published on an unspecified date in 2011.

Also on the slate is a collection of short stories from PS Publishing called Trapped In The Saturday Matinee, which is also due sometime this year.

Finally, and certainly not least, Mulholland Books is scheduled to publish what I assume will be a full-length suspense novel called The Edge of Dark Water sometime this Fall.

That's a lot of good stuff on the way. And I bet that I'm missing a few things. Short story appearances, maybe a small press project or two.

As I said at the beginning, most of us love reading Joe's work. There's only one way for us to continue to read him. That is to buy the books when they come out. I've provided some links for those inclined to preorder from online retailers, but you'll make me happier if you buy them at your local bookstores. The important thing, however, is to make sure that you do buy them.