Horror Drive-In features well written, intelligent, insightful, and, above all, honest as hell, horror reviews..

—Joe Bob Briggs, Internationally known drive-in movie critic

Your SiteMaster is a wonderful guy, a smart, funny, and sensitive guy and the wimmen love him.

—Thomas F. Monteleone, legendary author of The Blood of the Lamb
and The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association

Mark Sieber is the ultimate and ideal horror fan; he's well-read, intelligent, insightful, and, above all, honest as hell, even when it hurts. Horror Drive-In has rapidly become one of my favorite stops on the Web...but where's the goddamn popcorn, Mark? I WANT POPCORN! At least give us a cartoon or something. Sheesh, what a rip! You ought to be ashamed of yourself. And how come Keene gets money for his endorsement but me, I get a thanks? Yeah, that helps with the mortgage payments....

Seriously, Mark is the ideal horror fan, and I wish there were like him. The field needs his intelligence and enthusiasm, and I for one am grateful that he's out here.

—Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Destinations Unknown and Prodigal Blues

Mark Sieber? Who? Hey, I'm getting paid for this blurb, right?"

—Brian Keene, author of The Rising, Terminal, and City of the Dead

Mark Sieber is a fan's fan, a righteous man, and a genuine cyberspace champion of horror. I owe him, big time. And you probably do, too."

—John Skipp, author of Conscience

Mark Sieber knows more about grade-b, grade-c, and grade-z horror than just about anybody on the planet, which means you should definitely not sit behind him at the movie theater and talk during the show. He knows at least sixteen ways to rip out your intestines. Let's hear it for Mark!"

—Tom Piccirilli, author of Headstone City

I don't believe in Mark Sieber. I mean... literally. Oh, I know there's a guy with a website who claims to be Mark Sieber, but I also know what happened when a flying saucer touched down at a certain Baltimore Drive-In theater in 1961. Back in those days Mars needed women, but Rigalis 8 needed Siebers. They snatched one from the backseat of a '55 Buick, bald-headed and screaming, with a corndog clutched in his innocent little hand. What they left behind is anybody's guess... don't trust it for a minute!"

—Norman Partridge, author of Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales

Mark Sieber, he of the oft-misspelled surname, will forever be remembered in the collegiate annals of messageboardamia for his intolerance of: prejudice against B-movies that may on the surface (and in reality) have little to recommend them, forum trolltactics, cellphones and talkers in darkened theaters, and the exorbitant price of limited editions. Hell, for a figure such as he, must be full of flesh-bound tomes, fine acting and convincing monsters, who chatter on their cell phones in the theater's front row. It is fortunate then, that Mr. Sieber, he of the oft-mispronounced surname, has long-secured his place in the back..."

—Kealan Patrick Burke, author of Sieber; Mispronounced and Mork & Moderator: A Parable

Mr. Sieber is as pure as Jesus Christ. Trust in Him!"

—LMNOP, underground musician and zinester

Mark Sieber's HORROR DRIVE-IN is the best spot on the web for insightful reviews, compelling interviews, stimulating discussions, spooky creature double features, greasy food at the snack bar, long waits at the rest rooms, and mosquitoes flying in your freaking window. Will they fix the sound, for cripe's sakes?"

—Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown