Spotlight on Christopher Golden

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chris Golden has just about done it all: Nonfiction, straightforward horror, dark fantasy, media tie-ins, YA Fiction, collaborations. And he is as talented as he is prolific. Golden publishes with alarming regularity, in a variety of types of books. One common thread runs through all of it: Excellence.

I first read Christopher Golden in his Cut! anthology. This was a cool collection of essays on horror movies, written by horror writers. After that I encountered his Shadows Series of vampire thrillers and I was hooked.

Since then I've tried to read everything I can by Golden. My favorite so far are the magical novel, Strangewood, and the brilliant horrorstory, Wildwood Road. Or perhaps The Shadows Saga, which begins with Of Saints and Shadows. And I can't forget his wistfully nostalgic The Boys are Back in Town. Truthfully, I could go on and on.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Chris Golden several times. The first time was well before I had made a sort-of name for myself with message boards. He was gracious and appeared to be genuinely grateful to meet a fan of his writing. I've met a lot of other professionals in the field. Many good people and some maybe not so good. But Christopher Golden is definitely one of the most decent individuals I've encountered. And that humanity shines through in his fiction.

Those that have read the work of Christopher Golden are probably agreeing with me. To those that haven't, what are you waiting for? Whatever your preference is, inexpensive mass market editions, deluxe collectible editions or lavishly illustrated stories, he has done them all.


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